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Bird's nest is a common health food that is known to benefit one's health by helping the process of regeneration of cells, strengthening of immune and respiratory system, and improving the performance of internal organs. At 92 Armenian, we boast of using bird's nest as our main ingredient in a variety of food items such as bird's nest egg tarts, cakes, fruit tarts, and more.
Memorable & Delicious
Penang is a heritage site with houses that have stood the test of time and 92 Armenian is one place that will take you back into history. Featuring colourful vintage floor tiles, antique cabinets and aged wooden tables. Together with great varieties of food and drinks to bring a great experience for families and friends.

Bird Nest Glutinous Rice Balls w/ Red Dates and Longan (only on weekends)

Stewed Bird Nest Chicken Coconut w/ Cordyceps

Bird Nest Mango Cake

Bird Nest Cheese Tart

Bird Nest Mushroom Soup (limited portion)

Stewed Bird Nest Ginseeng w/ Red Dates

Stewed Black Chicken w/ Bird Nest Soup

Stewed Pear w/ Bird Nest

Stewed Bird Nest w/ Rose

Bird Nest Black Glutinous Rice (only on Sunday)

bird Nest Fresh Milk SET (w/ 2pc pineapple)

Bird Nest Fresh Milk SET(w/ 1pc eggtart)

Bird Nest Pineapple Tart

Bird Nest Egg Tart

Bird Nest Fruit Tart

Birdí»s Nest With Aloe Vera

Bird's Nest Hot Bean Curd

Bird Nest Cold Bean Curd

Bird's Nest Porridge

Bird's Nest Osmanthus Jelly

Bird's Nest Coconut Jelly

Birdí»s Nest Herbal Jelly

Instant Bird's Nest

Birdí»s Nest Mango Yogurt Ice Cream

Bird's Nest Golden Glutinous Rice Ball

Bird's Nest Tiramisu Cake

Bird Nest Aloe Vera w/ Lychee Cake

Birdí»s Nest Yam Cake


Mon to Sun , 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
92 Armenian street,10200 Penang, Malaysia
+604-251 9712
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